fun and easy knot pillows

its a new year and time for  new ideas for arts and craft projects and i was looking around the internet trying to find a fun arts and craft project i was reading a artical  about how to make knot quilts when it hit me i should do the same thing except stuff it to make a pillow so here  are some step by step instructions to make a fun easy cute  knot pillow


step 1.  pick out 2 fabrics [you can use 1 type of fabric and fold the 2 sides together] and lay the 2 pieces of fabric on top of each other





step 2. cut the 2 pieces of fabric into the same shape





step 3. cut stripes that are about 1-2 inches long all around the sides of the shape leaving no empty gaps between the stripes





step 4.  tie the stripe on the top piece of fabric together with stripe  the bottom piece of fabric in a basic knot






step 5. repeat step 4 until you have tied almost all the stripes into  knots leaving a hole about as big as your hand





step 6. stuff the pillow with basic stuffing [ i found a good deal at Michaels arts and crafts store a big bag of basic polyester stuffing for 4 to 5 dollars ]






step 7. after stuffing the pillow tie the remaining stripes together and tie knots in any places with holes



step 8.  enjoy !!!!



Happy 4 th if July

Hi every one are you haveing a fun 4 th of July here’s some projects for decorating the whole day


THERES FIREWORKS IN THE HOUSE ! For this project you will need a empty toilet paper roll or a cup , a insences stick or think  stick or tooth pick , pipe cleaners  , colored  Pom Pom ball sparkeliy ones would be great

to make big firework decorations

step 1.  Get your base ( empty toilet paper roll , cup ,) put it face up so the open sides up

step 2. Glue  pipe cleaners onto the rim of the open side let dry then if you want  glue Pom Pom balls on this time you can also glue the Pom Pom balls onto the pipe cleaners  once everything is dry if you want bend pipe cleaners until they look the way you want

how to make sparklers

step 1. Get your base ( incense sticks , tooth picks , thin sticks )

step 2. Glue a Pom Pom ball onto the base or cut a small piece of a pipe cleaner and fold it up into a ball

step 3. Let dry

the 4 th of July art

fire work arts

Drawing a abstract fire work drawing

supplies : colors for drawing , paper

step 1. Get different colors

step 2. Draw fireworks

step 3. Repeat step 2 by drawing fire works going in different directions

drawing with  sparklers

this project uses fireworks adult supervision recommended

supplies :  sparklers , a place with concrete or rocks

step 1. Light sparkler

step 2. Pick out place on the concrete or rock

step 3. Draw on concrete or rock with sparkler it will leave behind a mark

Hope you enjoy


The pink lake

Welcome to nature Saturday today I am talking  about the pink lake in Australia what makes the pink lakes pink is a type of alga called dunaliella Salina this type of alga loves salt but the only way it lives in the pink lake is beta- carotene beta-carotene also gives the Alga it’s pink color  this lake is amazing it is located in cape vert peninsula people are saying that it’s 40% salt here are some pictures below tell me what you think about this and tell me if you want me to talk about it more hope you enjoy




Food Friday raw carob moose

Hi every one  and welcome to food Friday today I’m going to talk about a raw carob moose recipe that sounds great and is good for you here are the ingredients : raw carob powder , 1 avocado , 1/3 cup maple syrup , 2 tbs raw cashew butter

step 1 . Blend up all the ingredients

step 2 . Serve chilled in small dishes

hope you enjoy stay tuned for the next food Friday



How to make 3d bubble letters

Welcome to writing  Wednesday our subject today is how to make 3d bubble letters here are the steps

step 1. Write out what ever you want to write as bubble letters in the future I will make a post about how to write in bubble letters

step 2. Trace along the edge so they look like blocks

step 3 . Color as you want if you really want it to pop out try doing opposites remember you don’t have to color it

hope you enjoy make sure to look for the next writing wensday

Folding paper

Hello every one and welcome to totally new Thursday today I’m going to talk about folding paper  it is really easy and you can do so much with it I remember that I made a food related one that had a paper plate a paper bowl a paper spoon a paper fork and a paper knife and I remember that I made a pocket one with different ways to keep things in and different pockets and here’s how you make them

step 1. Get a piece of paper

step 2. Fold the piece of paper into what you want

step 3. Go back over and unfold all your folds after unfolding each of the folds draw a line to mark each place you folded also pick a type of line for the thing you make whether it’s regular or dots make the type of line you chose different from another project that makes you be able to make multiple projects on the same piece of paper

step 4. Repeat this as much as you like on the page

if you don’t get it tell me in the comments section and I will try to clarify it hope you enjoy make sure to stay tuned for next weeks totally new Thursday